Why is that us girls feel like we can't text a guy first? Guys Thoughts?

I always feel like i can't text the guy i'm interested in or dating first because it comes off as desperate or something of that extent. When really, i'd like to just text him 'hey' because i'm thinking about him or something simple like that. I get weird when the guy i'm texting doesn't text back and if he doesn't text me back like when i ask him a question or something i just automatically assume he's not interested, even when he'll text me back a couple days later. I'm guessing when it takes a couple days for the guy to contact me again it makes me feel as if i'm not of importance. Are my thoughts wrong?


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  • I usually text first. I don't play games.

    • Even after he hasn't texted you back and it's been a couple of days?

    • Yep. I'm not afraid of the "double text".

  • Guys actually like & want girls to text them first sometime. If someone takes that long to respond, they're not really interested.

  • "Us girls"? I text guys when I feel like it, I don't get what the big deal is. You just sound incredibly insecure. Don't you think guys think THEY will come off as desperate if they're always the ones texting you first? Try to see it from their perspective sometimes. If you were always the one initiating the conversation, wouldn't you start to think that the person you're trying to talk to is being very disinterested? Be more active, or else guys will just think you're not interested and they'll move on. And don't freak out if they don't respond immediately, it's just texting. Quit taking yourself so seriously.