Should I quit my job?

I started working at PetSmart 2 weeks ago as a Cashier. Honestly, it was confusing at first and I knew it would be. I was fine cashing out money and smiling at customers. I've had rude customers before, but none of them have directly yelled at me! I have 4 managers. I don't think PetSmart is for me because I am STRESSED out. I've been trained, but not directly. I don't know questions that people ask! I always have to either call page a manager or have somebody help me. I do it literally 5-7 times a day.
The reason I worked at PetSmart was because their minimum wage is $8.25 an hour, and they needed cashiers DESPERATELY. I was working yesterday, and everything was okay! No rude customers. But I had to get the manager so many times due to issues. I feel like I bug them and I bug them! I ended up having to close, and I was facing things on the counters. The managers ROLLED their eyes because I had to call them over. I ended up doing the leashes and collars as I was facing. It was an absolute nightmare, but I did it all. My manager walks around the store. She gets a coworker and I. She PUSHES OFF everything off of the counter onto the floor and leaves. I just looked at her, and she told this guy and I to hang everything up. The guy and I were new too! None of the clothes had hangers to them at all. I had to get off at 9. But I ended up getting home at 11:30 ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. As my manager, a coworker and I were walking out. Our manager told us "You guys worked hard. Have a good night." We just looked at her.

The other 3 managers I like. All I do is stand around at a cashier for 9 hours. I can't stock or do anything else! Should I just quit? Even typing this out stresses me out. I know I can have good days and bad days. I don't think I've been trained correctly, and I feel like I'm gaining stress on this job.


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  • Unfortunately, your manager's attitude probably won't change. Ever. You can either force yourself to adapt or leave. I'd be looking for another option. Yes, a manager's job is stressful, but if they neglect proper training they're just asking for it. She doesn't have the right to dump her emotional problems on either of you just because she's the boss.


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  • If you quit, that is your call. I can tell you that one of those other managers should quickly address that snger issue.

    Your job may be stressful, but I believe that's because you didn't get the training as you should. Tell the other managers how you feel and tell them you would be more comfortable with more training. Maybe you can work on the floor and learn where everything is located. This might help you answer questions better for the customers.

    If it has only been two weeks and people are being this rude, I can imagine why they desperately needed help.


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  • No, I don't think you should quit.

    You've just described every job environment for minimum wage/young people. And basically every job ever.

    Every job is stressful in its own way. Every job will have customers who yell at you. Every job will have management you don't like. Every job will have coworkers who you won't get along with. Every job doesn't coddle you in training.

    You're not going to find a job that will be any different.

    • True but if she serious getting a serious stress issue then she should quit for her sanity.

    • @NatashaJ Yeah but it's only been 2 weeks. She's copping out like a child if she quits. If she doesn't get the hang of it in another 2 weeks of if she starts losing her hair then she has grounds to quit on the base of stress.

      Her job sounds normal to me lol

  • Give it time. You've only been there two weeks. You'll learn information in due time, it's the managers job to help you deliver correct information to the customers. That's part of why they're managers, that's the responsibility they took on.