Is deleting her off Facebook the right move?

I've known this girl for 6 months, and we are both juniors in college. We studied abroad together and spent a crazy amount of time together as we both worked together and hung out after work. I developed incredibly strong feelings for her while we were abroad, and before we came back I told her how I felt. She said she thought I was really sweet but wanted to hang out more when we got back before anything got too serious. I thought that was fair enough, but when we got back to the states she wasn't being very responsive when I tried to stay in touch with her over the holidays. When we got back to campus, I asked her to come over my apartment to catch up and watch some of the playoff games and she said that she would come over at like 2 o'clock to watch the rest of the first game. That day I vaccummed my apartment and made some appetizers, only for her to never show up. Never called or communicated it to me in any fashion. My friend apparently saw her at a party that night. When we were abroad she would occasionally randomly ditch me, but would come back and hang out with me again (RED FLAG I KNOW). But this latest blow off really sent me over the edge. I haven't talked to her in 3 weeks. She texted me once in between now and then to say "Heyyy how are you doing?" but that wasn't an apology, so I didn't answer. I thought her and I could have maybe been something at some point, and I've had debates with myself about texting her to ask what happened that day she decided to not show, but am also thinking about deleting her of FB for a complete cutoff (could be awk because she's in a few of my classes). I'm thinking that I put wayyyyyy more effort into our friendship than she did, and it's just not worth having to see her come up on messenger anymore and bring in negative thoughts. I deserve to be happy and treated with respect, and one day I'll find someone who will treat me right


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  • Bro, Im gnna tell you this shit right, and I will try to be nice about it (her). Fu@K her, you are wasting your time. *Bleep* *bleep* You told her how you felt and she told her how she felt, *Bleep* You are young, F@$k that *Bleep* The last sentence you wrote is right, bro!

    • I qil ltell you what I told a girl from my past. I told her, "I dont think we can be friends, and I'm not a guy you can pushover or come lean on. I'm not hear to comfort you when you need it. I like you and I want to be with you. I want more than a friendship and if you ain't want more than a friendship, lets split." She ran off crying because she couldnt say it in my face. To make it worse, she knew what she did wrong. From this day on we dont talk like how we used to, I still have her on fb, but we dont talk like that no more. She would some times ask how I am doing, but I give her short answers.

    • I feel that man, that's probably where I'm headed too. Thinking about sending her one last text to get closure for myself, but keeping in mind all the bad things she's done, make sure to never trust her again and ultimately move on from it and find someone better down the road

  • yes, you will. but confront her one last time.
    it's not good to leave something in between.
    who knows? MAYBE it took her a lot to send that message and she's also nervous (maybe not).
    find out whats the matter. and what are you like? 16? deleting her off facebook? seriously?
    it doesn't matter

    • Trust me, she doesn't care about me. She's in a few of my classes and she clearly avoids me now for no good reason. She's likely just trying to keep me as some kind of ego boost. She hasn't approached me in person in weeks and if she actually cared about me she would have by now. I'm done putting in any more time and effort until she does the same. I'd be willing to do a last ditch "So what happened?" kind of text but nothing more right now

    • there, you know she's an asshole.
      but yes, I am telling you to go for that last ditch...