Im so embarassed, my former crush wrote "happy birthday "?

So its my birthday today and my former crush, Who I was super awkward around, Just wrote happy birthday on my Facebook wall and I feel like crap.

All these feelings comes back and I feel like an idiot, but I dont even know why I care. Any advice? Im seriously dying here lol


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  • Ask him out

    • didn't work out last time.. not doing it again. .. ever

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  • What? This makes no sense to me. What is the big deal and why are you feeling like crap? Just say thanks and get on with your day. Being all dramatic and shit over a good thing. smh

    • Its not a big deal, but him doing that makes me feel like crap because how I acted last time we spoke.. I know im overreacting, but all these feelings of emberassment comes rushibg back and it us stressing me out a bit

  • chill out he just wished you happy birthday, it's not that big a deal

    • I know, but I can't help but feel like he thinks im an Idiot ir weirdo

    • to be honest i think you just need to get over it lol

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