Darth Sidious vs Incredible Hulk, who can win?

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  • Absolutely Darth Sidious.
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  • Maybe Incredible Hulk.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Um.

    Well, its basically extreme strength vs extreme magic. I would think that Sidous has a host of abilities that can be a "cop out" to win the fight, including stopping the Hulks heart from beating, using foresight to predict every move, suspending him in air and slicing him with a lightsaber.


    • Do you think his Force Lightening can kill, or at least disable, Incredible Hulk?
      Personally I think at least Palpatine would not lose.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd give it to sidious he's a master in all forms of light-saber combat and can easily do flips around the hulk while slicing away let's not forget his insanely powerful force powers he could probably pick hulk up keep him falling to bring the light saber down. However i guess the hulk does get angrier as he gets more pain even surviving multiple bombs and getting stronger so maybe in his most powerful and biggest form he could simply overpower Sidious however Sidious always has mind control over beasts as a back-up to get the hulk to sit down or something go back to bruce banner then slice his head off and throw it a mile away. Just look at this fight how much of a skilled fighter sidious is:


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  • Johhhhhnn Ceeeeeeena

  • Probably hulk. But you never know what kinda shit sideous has bu his sleave (episode 3 reffrence). Lol im so nerdy.