Am I packing too many things?

Im packing for a trip to my uncles beach house, going to be staying there for 6 days and i am bringing

3 bikinis
3 sleepwear
7 tops
1 jumpsuit
2 shorts
1 crop top
7 undies
2 bras

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  • Sounds fine to me. Packing for trips and making sure you're bringing enough clothes is always a pain, hah.


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What Girls Said 4

  • sounds good to me! maybe a few more undies? I always bring extra just in case haha don't wanna have to rewear lmao also what about socks? I guess you might not need them though haha

  • I would include a 3 or 4 or 5 pairs of shoes:)

    • I'll be bringing a pair of flip flops, heels (for partying) and cute sandals

    • perfect. I packed for Barbados with approx same wardrobe I did bring a little party dress though for night time events and probably a couple more bras.

      Have fun! Where are you going?

  • Seems good, You are ready :)

  • If I were in your place wld go for 3 tops and one pair of jeans...

    • Im going to the beach, wouldn't bring jeans

    • Ohh sorry... then 6 bikinies enough with 6 bras

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