Did he take what I said to him the wrong way I'm confused?

So I was just texting a guy randomly well he texted back. His nickname is sour which I find strange . So I tried being funny then asking him is he really sour. He said yeah who doesn't know that. Then I said I like sour skittles as a funny joke lol. Then after I said that he quickly gave me his number he said call him. I'm confused we just met and he's telling me to call him im scared.


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  • He may have taken that as an invitation or at least an in of some sort. It certainly sounded like you were interested in him at some level. Is that not the case?

    • Wym invitation? Yeah I was but I noticed he's a dick

    • It was probably wishful thinking on his part. Given your opinion of him. I don't think it much matters what his thing was in this.

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