What was up with this chick?

So yesterday I was comming home from work, and as usuall took most of the trip via the city bus. I then was walking from the bus stop to meet my family, who was shopping. And this woman pulls out of a driveway and hits me, (yes I am fine, a big bruise on my leg and a little limp) and the daughter jumps out and starts screaming at me about how I am just trying to sue her mother, and I wanted to get hit. I was so mad, but I kept my mouth shut (and my fists down thank you). But she kept harping how it was my fault, I was in a SIDEWALK and her mother pulled out without looking first, where did she come off thinking that I was the bad guy? Sory I just had to vent... even now I am so mad at her.


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  • You're not the bad guy perhaps the daughter was scared her mother would go away or something.


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  • I would have just walked away without saying anything. Can't fix stupid.

    • She insisted on calling the police, and everything. Besides I couldn't walk very well. My leg still hurts.

    • Call the police for what? Is it hit and run if the victim leaves the scene? Haha

    • I was just trying not to deal with her, and her bitchy daughter. And she was calling 911, and her insurance agent, and who knows who all else. I just called my wife and said, "sorry I'm being late" then I had to talk to the 911 operator, and then the cops, and I was just "can I go home now". I sat there in the damned snow for like an hour. Just a bad day.

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