Can I send him this?

This guy I know, he is barely an acquaintance which I spoke to once or twice, but deeply, deeply impactful because of the circumstances in which I met him.

I've seen him over the years and he looked like he wanted to tell me something, but I've never allowed him to talk to me/ignored him. I tried reaching out to him a few months ago, but he was polite initially and then turned unresponsive.

I really think I should speak to him. It's unfortunate whatever happened, happened. But the fact is, I barely know this guy.

Can I say something like this?


I know you're probably busy, and it's a Saturday lol.

There's something I kind of wanted to say.

Could you meet me sometime maybe? As a friend.

He's working crazy hours as an investment banker and doesn't have time. I don't want to sound desperate.


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  • No.
    Just call him (yeah, use your voice and, no, not video call) and ask him to meet you somewhere.

    • I don't have his number.

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    • Facebook messaging him.

      Or, what I could do, is just open up with a convo starter. Get him talking to me first.

    • Does he have his phone number on his facebook page? Why dont you look for it in the phone-book?
      The thing is, things are often misinterpreted through texting. Not to mention, it just doesn't seem as mature.

  • no lol do it more nonchalantly. just say "hey, if you're not busy do you want to meet up for coffee sometime?".

    stop thinking like a 13 year old girl

    • I barely know him. And I don't want him to think I am interestedi n him. I don't think he likes me more than he likes the other girl.

      I really do want to clear the air

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    • What if he says no? Or worse, circulates it

    • Then what am I supposed to do? I explicitly said 'as a friend.'

      I have no other way of meeting him.

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  • Just say Hey if you're not busy do you want to meet up tonight
    Don't complicated it
    Don't make it look like you put in a lot of thought

    • I didn't mean tonight! I should reword it if you thought that. I meant in general if he was ever busy

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    • I think it comes across weirder when you make it sound like you put a lot of effort in. Actually taking time and being nervous and over thinking it is normal but coming across like that is weird

    • Just relax the worst thing that can happen is that he says no. Trust me as scary as an idea that is it's really not that bad. Sucks may sting then ya just move on to the next one. Your world won't come crushing down there won't be a bunch of people laughing at you. Your not going to in your underwear in front of a bunch of strangers. I can't think of all the other awful things people think of when they're scared to do something.

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