Gagers, What should I do?

So, I'm a waitress. I work at a pretty nice restaurant and the tips are great. However I had a costumer recently who decided my butt was on the menu and took a slap at it. I literally froze because I didn't know what to do about it. I told my manager and she told me to "keep it classy, keep it professional" and won't talk about it any further. Some of the other waitresses have told me that similar things have happened to the past employees that quit. I put in my two weeks notice, should I take any further action?


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  • Talk to a solicitor. You might be able to get something out of this since your boss did nothing when you were sexually harassed.

    • I've been thinking about sueing, but the money I'd have to put into it, everyone's telling me most likely nothing will happen and I'll just be in more dept.

    • Yeah true. I guess just find another job and if anyone touches your butt again stand up for yourself, tell them how much of a pervert they are and call the police to have them escorted off the premises and have them banned from the restaurant.

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  • Yes, you should *absolutely* take further action! This is unacceptable behavior, especially in a nice restaurant. If your manager is just telling you to "keep it classy & professional" by allowing customers to disrespect you, then I would be seriously concerned. Your customers are paying you to make sure they have a pleasant dining experience and should be respectful towards you. If this happens again be sure to let someone know and tell the customer that their behavior towards you is unacceptable and you will not serve them (something like that, i don't know if you're allowed to do that). I am very sorry this has happened to you.

    • Thanks, I needed the further input. Everyone around me (that I've actually told) is telling me "the cost of the lawyer and court will cost more than you'd get back" but I wouldn't take further action for the money, it's the principle. When I put in my two weeks notice she didn't bat an eye lash. She knows she can find more waitresses in the area because it's a college based community..

  • Yes sue your boss. She had no right to ignore the situation. She also deserves to get fired.

    • I feel like she needs to be an example of how NOT to treat humans. She literally doesn't care. But I also don't want to put myself in further dept and see nothing come from it.

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