Long Distance Relationship: We want to meet up in person. Problem is?

We really want to meet up in person and see how it goes. I live in the U. S. and he lives in England! Everything is just so expensive I just lost my job. I just feel discouraged. We really want to meet he wants to come to me. But it's expensive on his end too. Any traveling hacks or tips?:)


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  • How about working out some country in-between USA and England, so that the travel expenses reduce for both of you?

  • for the money you can see each other once for a week, its date money for half a year.

    this ususally never works.


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  • I Married a man a few years back who found me on Facebook. He was from Egypt, I lived in the USA but Together... We made it work because We Gave it our All with Skype like Two Team members and Partners.
    At the time, for he had asked me to come and stay with him and his lovely family, I was In between jobs. I was determined though to find the right job with the right Pay... And a few months after That, I was hopping a board and abroad To... Cairo.
    I stayed for 30 days and once returning to the USA, I then hopped on board again, three months later where we end up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice and I also ended up residing there for awhile.
    If you Put your mind to it, Nothing is Impossible with The... Impossible dream here, dear.
    Good luck and blessings. xx

    • Gosh this answer is just what I needed. Thank you so much!.

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    • Awwww well I hope everything will work out!!! What's the best way to travel overseas? I'm just stressed since I lost my job I really want to see him and he wants to see me too lol

    • First Thing, Make sure you have a Passport and being You Live in the USA it Might be Easier for You to Go see him... England is Not that expensive so if he can put you Up at his residence there, will save you money and airfare and spending money is all you Need.
      Second Finding a job so you can go. Once I found another job, in a month's time, I was calling my travel agent.
      Thank you so much, sweetie. It's Not easy and unfortunately, Egypt is not at its all time Best right now. But You need to find out where your own destiny lies so go on Craig's list and start THAT search for now for a job. xxoo