How do you understand cause and effect?

1. Co-terminus, As cause begins, effect begins and the two processes end simultaneously
"As a ball is placed on a sandbag, the sandbag begins to depress"

2. Transitory, The initial process transitions into the second, which then ends
"A ball is placed on the sandbag, the ball pushes on the bag, this transitions into the bag depressing"

3. Temporarily Separated, One process occurs then as a result another process takes place.
A ball is placed on the sandbag, then the sandbag depress.


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  • In practical terms all 3 are often the same, particularly in your example, where the effect takes place almost instantly, and the cause is a single, not prolonged action

    • Yes they are very similar, we refer to them all as "proximal" causes. However at a certain point it becomes clear that cause and effect is an illusion, they are infact one process that we segregate into two. What I am trying to understand is why we separate cause and effect.

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