What makes one person interesting as opposed to the other?


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  • This question is way too broad to formulate an opinion. This varies person to person's perception and personality why they chose the other person over the other.

    • You have preferences for certain people, what criterion form the basis for these preferences. What characteristics make you have an affinity towards specific individuals.

    • Like I said, it depends for each person that caught my attention. [I find both women attractive one is more into outdoors, but socially awkward towards my friends; and the other, is not a gamer-type person and prefers shopping versus getting sweaty and dirty, but great conversationalist.] This is just an example. A plethora of scenarios can be thrown here. If you throw a scenario with two individuals who are similar in every aspect and throw that they are identical twins or look-a-like, then that would be a rather difficult question to answer. Fortunately, everyone I've met in the past is unique and different in their own right. So I never was forced to toss a coin.

      Like you mentioned, "preference". That's why I can't formulate a specific opinion just by that question alone. I have a lot of things that will make me pursue the person I like more than the other. Before I can start (who has best qualities, traits, hobbies, etc. that fits me), physically attraction plays a big part.

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