Do you really believe in haunted places?

I would like to visit a haunted house or mansion someday. I don't believe in that but would to go there just out of curiosity and see if it's really haunted as people say.

I'm a skeptic and until it really happens or I see it myself, then I'll change my views.

I'll even sleep on an bedroom where deaths happened.


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  • No, I personally feel that haunted houses are a myth. I have been through something similar to what you want to do.

    In 10th grade, a few friends 'challenged' me about spending a whole night alone in a graveyard, since I used to be pretty shy and timid at that time. For some reason, I expected their challenge and went ahead with it! Initially I was really scared, so played music through my earphones to drown out creepy external noises. But after a while, it didn't matter anymore and I took off my headphones too! ;)


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