What Perfume's Do You Like On Women?

I've been wondering for a while what scents guys like on females because I've never taken that into thought while shopping for perfume. So this time I plan on getting the scent that is most popular on here. I have tried to simplify the smells rather than brands names because even I don't know those. If you have any suggustions on anything perfume related please list them below. And ladies if you have any suggustions for me please put what it smells like along with the name so I know the general direction to go haha. Thanks a ton :)

  • Lavender
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  • Exotic Smells
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  • Fruity
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  • White Musk (the best way to describe this is a soapy smell)
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  • Delicate Perfumes
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  • Other
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  • I like the exotic smells and fruity smells. I love it when girls wear perfume. It's the quickest way to get a guys attention because a guy will compliment you on it and might ask what your wearing.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • That depends on the individual. Some popular perfumes on the market just smells nasty on a woman when it's mixed with their sweat and just not compatible. Sure it smells nice once fresh, but what happens 2-4+ hours from the moment of application?

    Find the scent that you like and right for your body.

  • I would vote E for a delicate smell but I would probably might like all the others once they are subtle - They have to be light for me to like them

  • My wife uses a lily of the valley scented eau de cologne. It's fresh. :)

  • Dont care as long as she smells good


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