Why do some people go crazy if you don't show them these kinds of pictures?

Like when you're talking to a guy on the internet and he asks you to see photos of your boyfriend and you say no he go crazy. I'm talking about social media when you don't post your baby's face or boyfriend is face people go mad and judge you for it. I have every right to do that and my boyfriend doesn't like me posting pictures of my baby's face so what's the problem in that? The last thing i need to do is finding pictures of my baby or a family member on the internet


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  • They're in the wrong here, not you. Apparently they're just obsessed with the whole posting your private life online thing. They're probably thinking that if they have posted pictures of their little shits running around the house, then you HAVE to do it too, otherwise it's not fair.

    • Yes exactly that's what i'm talking about but some just keep asking for photos either of your partner or your kids which is stupid in my opinion. I'm not taking pictures of them or my parents or even friends to post them online because i don't have the right to do it and this makes me angry sometimes.

    • Guess you just have to deal with it - these kinds of stupid people aren't going anywhere unfortunately.

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