What would you do in this situation?

You are lost in the wilderness, surrounded with a very large Swamp, two Rivers and an Ocean, you have no food, how would you go back into the civilisation?
The Ocean is full of Sharks
The first River is full of Piranha
The second Rives is full of Anacondas
The Swamp is full of Crocodiles

  • I would try to swim across the Ocean, Sharks are not that dangerous
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  • I would take my chances in the Swamp, if Tarzan can take out Crocodiles, then so can I
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  • I would swim across the first River, if there is no blood in the water, Piranhas won't attack me
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  • I would go in the second River and wrestle the Anaconda
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  • I would stay put and wait for the rescue mission
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  • I don't know
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  • I think the first river would be the best option because I could get lost in the Ocean... besides, Piranhas probably won't attack if I'm not wounded.

    • Thank you for MHO

    • You are very welcome

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  • In almost any emergency, but especially in a survival situation, it is critical that you first S. T. O. P.

    "S" is for Stop. Take a deep breath, sit down if possible, calm yourself and recognize that whatever has happened to get you here is past and cannot be undone. You are now in a survival situation and that means. . .

    "T" is for Think. Your most important asset is your brain. Use it! Don't Panic! Move with deliberate care. Thin

    k first, so you have no regrets later. Take no action, even a foot step, until you have thought it through. Unrecoverable mistakes and injuries, potentially serious in a survival situation, occur when we act before we engage our brain. Then. . .

    "O" is for Observe. Take a look around you. Assess your situation and options. Consider the terrain, weather and resources. Take stock of your supplies, equipment, surroundings, your personal capabilities and, if there are any, the abilities of your fellow survivors.

    "P" is for Plan. Prioritize your immediate needs and develop a plan to systematically deal with the emergency and contingencies while conserving your energy. Then, follow your plan. Adjust your plan only as necessary to deal with changing circumstances.

  • That's a very tough situation and sounds like it's nearly impossible to ever get out of it, unless one has superpowers!!.

  • if there is no hope of rescue find a stong stick and use a stone to sharpen it. i would take the river with the anaconda do to our size they usually dont see us as a food source.

  • I alway bring a GPS with me when walking so I would just fallow the path back