Birthday gift ideas for my man, any ideas?

His birthday is coming up and I want to send him something very memorable. I bought him a watch and a few outfits. I was kind of thinking about taking professional pics and making it into a card for him. I don't know... He's out of town so I can't physically be with him during his birthday.
Guys what would You like?

please some ideas.


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  • I don't know your relationship but I wouldn't like pics unless they are of us when we were together on dates and movie nights or something like that. But do something different with them like make a small box with them on the outside (photocopies of course) or something like that. If you have a common "joke" thing then use that. For example if it's a running joke between you that you can't cook then put a fake muffin in it or something like that. Just make it personal and let him know how much you mean to him. That would be my perfect gift but then again Im quite old fashioned with these things.


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