Was this okay to send to my group member?

"Look, I was upset on Friday to begin with because of a possible infection, but things got way out of hand and we are both in the wrong (I’m sure you’d agree). I don’t think it’s reasonable for either of us to behave this way to each other, including swearing or ignoring the other. We’re in the same class, and will have to learn to work with each other in a respectful way.

I would like to clarify or sort this out. If you would like this too, maybe we can meet either individually or with the entire group sometime before class. I understand everyone’s busy with their own schedules mine included, so whichever time works best for everyone."


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  • Yeah, you're handling whatever the situation is in a pretty good manner.

    • He replied back saying he didn't think he was wrong at all, but we could talk on Wednesday.

      I could sense a potential fight in the making so I replied back saying it's best we talk in person since it can be misconstrued over message.

    • You're definitely handling it right but he's being pretty immature at this point. Your message was pretty humble but he seems to be a stuck up.

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