Do you believe a person who wears a cap often is more likely to have killed someone before? Or if he/she hasn't yet, is he/she more capable doing it?

There's a guy in our neighborhood... who's now 45-46... when he was 23 he commited 3 murders (some people from ma neighborhood claim he has killed 6 people... dunno if it's true or not... only 3 were verified...)... he was an underground hiphop artist (and still he's one) and he was a part of a gang back then... and he was still writing when he was in prison...

He was free since 2008 (he ws imprisoned for 15 years) and since then he lives here... when he goes out he ALWAYS wears a cap...

Also I know a gang in ma area were each member wears a black cap... and everyone's a little bit unshaved... according to some rumors they've commited a few murders as well...

Any similar cases u might know?

I don't much believe such rumors... but I wanna see wot do u believe...

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  • No, not at all. There is no logic in it, not for me at least. Maybe you came across one such person doesn't mean that everyone who wears a hat are like that.


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