First time working what are the best places to apply?


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  • I started out in retail... Big box stores (Target, Sears, Best Buy, etc.) are easy to start in, offer a (fairly) relaxed work environment, and are usually pretty easy to work with as far as scheduling around school and requesting time off when needed. Depending on what department you work in, it can be a good place to meet people too (co-workers).
    If you're looking for a job you can grow with, there can be opportunity in retail as well, various supervisor positions, management, etc...
    The reason bigger retail stores might be easier than smaller retail stores is because if it's a small "mom & pop" shop there might not be that many people working, so if someone calls out sick, someone else will probably have to change their plans and work a double shift to cover, where as a big store like a Target probably has enough people already working that shift to cover for one person being out, or there are enough other people who would gladly take the extra hours that you probably won't need to worry about being called in at the worst time.

    My first job was at Target when I first got my drivers license, it was a fun job and I met a lot of cool people who I'm still (distant) friends with over 10 years later.

    If you're interested in a specific career though or have a passion that you can get a job around, go for that though. In other words if you love books, try Barns & Nobel, if you like flowers, try and get a job at a florist, if you like baking and making pastries, try and get a job in a bakery.

    Retail I think would be a pretty easy way to ease into working life, but that's just me.

    • I'm thinking into that but like i said i don't have experience how does retail job trained And is it easy?

    • Yeah, that's the beauty of retail, it's all kind of designed for entry level, first timers. Sure, you can get in at a higher level if you have experience, but they're going to have orientation for new employees where everything is explained, and you will get all the training you need, they won't let you be on your own until you're comfortable with your duties and they're comfortable that you're able to handle things.
      Not to say you won't have questions or make mistakes, but they know that's all part of the process.

      That goes with most jobs, even later on when you've got some experience... Every company is different, some places even prefer to hire people without experience because then they can train them from scratch rather than having to deal with people who are set in their old ways of doing things from previous jobs, which can be tricky to un-learn and re-learn a new way.

  • Fastfood places, grocery stores, volunteer

  • Start your own business

    • Love the idea, but definitely think there's value in getting some experience from inside an existing, established business first... It's all good experience that can carry over to a new business if that's the direction she wants to go in. But based on the fact that she's asking this question I would venture to guess she's not quite ready to start and run her own business yet, even if she wanted to.

      A little experience can be a good thing when starting a company. Not to mention the $$$ from the job can be invested into starting a business if that's what her goal is.

      Definitely agree with you though and encourage EVERYBODY to consider starting their own business.

      Also, you can look at yourself as your own business, and look at your "employer" as a customer who is paying for your services.

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