I told my boyfriend this... was it wrong?

My boyfriend started to talk about how he thought this female that came to worj appear younger but was actually 34 i respond with yess thats nornal lol then i asked him if he wouls go iyt with a older female like 40 (he is 23) he said no that can be my mom.

I then ask you think it won't work so age matter? I then said i would go out with a older guy i like older guys like 10 years older than me then he said oh like a guy that has his shit together so he can spoil you lol i giggle and said no but would be good but i mean actual have a relationship. He then called me sugar girl by the way i'm20. So was it bad i said that and what he respond to me? We were just having a convo nun serious.


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  • I am not really sure.

  • Nah, that sounds like a pretty normal conversation. I wouldn't sweat it.


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