Would you go on a voyage of exploration and discovery if it meant never seeing your friends/family again?

In both science fiction movies Contact and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (both great movies and Contact was a great book), the main characters are faced with the choice of going on a voyage across the galaxy, but due to the time dilation set out in Einstein's theory of general relativity, time would pass very differently to these characters as they approached the speed of light. To them, their journey might seem to last only a few months, but to those left behind on earth, the journey would last centuries, perhaps even millenia. When they returned to Earth, everyone they knew and loved would die. I talked about this with my friend who is married and has children, and to my shock, he said "yes," he would go. I told him if I were there, I'd talk him out of it. He told me he would convince me to go, seeing as though I don't have a family of my own.

So my question is, would you go on such a journey, knowing you will never see your loved ones ever again, but with the potential that you might learn more than humanity has ever learned before.

By the way, there are real life examples of this in some ways when you consider the indigenous people who agreed to accompany European explorers back to Europe (the voyages of Cook, Bougainville, la Perouse, etc.)

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  • No. The biggest part of an adventure is knowing you have loved ones to go back to.

    • I've often felt that way after having returned from voyages since my wife and father died.

      Tell me, would you go if you knew the knowledge you brought home could benefit all mankind?

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    • I am sorry about your loss

    • I see. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to vote if you haven't done so already.

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  • right now, i dont have children or a girlfriend, and my loved ones can go and make a life of their own, so i wouldn't hesitate, if however i had children and a family that still needs me, i wouldn´t

    • I see. Let me ask you a follow up question. Would you go if it meant that you would (for whatever reason) never have a family of your own?

    • i still would, i mean by the scenario you present, the journey would be a great and marvelous odyssey of discovery and wonder, the like no one has enjoyed before, a chance to see and to enjoy what we only imagine in books or movies.

    • I see. Don't forget to vote if you haven't already done so.

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  • At this current point in my life, yes I would go. I don't have strong ties to this world.

  • as long as i wasn't the only human going i might

  • I'd need to think long and hard about it. It would heavily depend on the expected destination.