Nowadays would this be counted as harassment?

Way back in 5th grade, 3-4 girls in my classroom would insult me every single day. Not just that but they would follow me to the bathroom when I asked for permission or if I were to bump into them by ''accident'', which had no lock.

Then they would open the door several times (knowing very well I was peeing) and then run laughing. This would happened many times during that whole year.

I know if a guy did that to a girl, it would be sexual harassment right away. One day when I was in HS, I actually called my former grade school and explained to them about that. I was told ''You should have told anyone right at that moment, that was sexual harassment, now we can't do nothing''.

Those girls would at times even climb on top and see him, then run away laughing.
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  • Yup to me it would be.

    • Yeah I updated my posted. I was told it by my former grade school that it was sexual harassment and that I should have report it at the time and they would have been stopped.

      Just that at the time, I was having a miserable time that I didn't want to tell anyone, didn't want it to get to my parents and them knowing I was getting picked on and not making any friends.

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    • She would harass me on Facebook and constantly make new accounts each time I blocked her, she also misteriously got my number, I never gave it to her, and she would continue calling from a blocked number even after I blocked her number. She also flashed me a couple times.

    • @ShayanMortazavi1 Oh ): That sound terrible. What did she want from you?

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  • violating your privacy in the bathroom is, I believe, a serious offense, so yeah.

    but that shit only gets hammered on adults. as little kids, all that's gonna happen is the teacher giving the bad boy/girl time out and teaching right from wrong.

    • true but a 10-11 year-old is kind of a big kid by then. One day in language arts class, a teacher even put a video about a boy getting bullied by others (even falsely accussed of having AIDS) and I clearly said those girls say ''Isn't this what we do to her every day'' and they thought it was funny.

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    • yeah, doesn't surprise me. minors don't tend to care as much as if they're on top of the world.

    • Wow that must've been pretty damn awkward

  • Well by now it's a bit too late to lodge a complaint. It can probably be summed up to "kids being kids" at this point.

    • True and actually it was already too late even when I told them in my late teens.

    • Well I'm sorry it happened to you.

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