Ther is this guy I like and I found out that?

he injured himself and is on a cast. H emust have injured himself several weeks ago. THe guy and I are not much in touch with each other very often and he has not told me he was injurd I just found out through his Whatasp profile pic. How can I let him know I wish him well or he open up and tell me what happened without thnking im too interested just becaue I asked him what happened.


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  • Just ask if you saw it on a social media thing then it's completely up for questions

    • The thing is that he does not post that stuff on his social media accounts. He has FB but he does not share personal info there, he has Instagram and also he does not post many pictures there and I have checked both sites and nothing of what happened to him is there. That is why I dont know what to do

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    • If it had been 7 mos it is because it was my choice to text him until now I could have texted him early before mos but his text from Europe made me guess (and this is my geuss) he did not want to talk to me anymore even if he had no grudges, even if he did not explain one bit of that text. So I was just following or respeting his text therefore I stop talking to him, until I decided to text him back for Christmas and New years with a small good holiday wishes that he responded me back.

    • When I sent him the chrsitmas wishes he answer me with : "Hello XXX so good to hear from you" then we added a few texts more then for New Years wishes he again answer me and even told me that thanks for remembering it and when I ask him about his job he told me thanks for asking.

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