Who is at fault here?

Car A speeding 5-7 miles above City streets limit, scrapes rear quarter panel on the passenger side of Car B. Couldn't stop fast enough

Car B pulls out of side road failing to yield correctly, stays in the middle of the street despite brakes screeching and neither turns left or proceeds forward

City street and Side road are one way only

Neither of us got a citation, who is at fault?


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  • car B, they failed to yield correctly.

    a judge will recognize that everyone goes 5-7 MPH over the posted speed limit. Most cops, should probably say all cops, don't give you a speeding ticket for 5-7 MPH over, that's like the sweet spot, the tolerance zone. It's universal knowledge, as far as I know.

    However, failing to yield and not correcting even after failing to yield or coming out of a turn, what a fucking dumb ass.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, I did everything I could to minimize the impact, but that idiot just stood there

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    • @Girly1710 this topic just irks me cause I'm on a motorcycle and people pull out in front of me all the time without any precaution for me or their own vehicle that may potentially be damaged in the process.

    • if he was buzzed he's lucky nothing happened, otherwise that DUI would screw him over for life.

  • The car who failed to yield should be at fault.

  • Car A.
    The driver of the car broke the law by speeding above safe limits. Doing so, it provided the possibility for the scenario above to happen in the first place.

    • I have the right of way, despite my speeding it is THEIR fault

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