Adults. do you feel like an adult?

i dont feel like an adult at all. i feel like a less stupid teenager.


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  • Not particularly, I'm 21 but I forget I'm not a teenager anymore


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  • Nope.

    I feel a bit more mentally stable now since I've just been there and done that with just about everything, so I no longer let my excitement and passion get the better of me, if only because I can't get so excited and passionate about something I've done for the 4,000th time.

    But I still like to stuff crumpled pieces of paper down a straw and shoot them at my random people at a party.

    I'm an "experienced kid".

    • Sex with ugly woman -- check.
      Sex with beautiful woman -- check, been there done that.
      Crisis situation: physical -- check.
      Crisis situation: not physical (ex: losing passport in foreign country) -- check.
      Traveling to new countries -- check.
      Living in new countries -- check.
      Arguments with women -- check.
      Making up with women -- check.
      Seeing all kinds of natural phenomena (sunsets, eclipses, waterfalls, etc) -- check, routine now.

      Everything's routine!

      ... mostly there's just not many things to throw me off-guard -- been there, done that.

    • that's how i feel.

  • Actually, I've felt like I was 30 since I was about 16. At the age of 48, I still feel like I'm 30. Thirty-two years spent at the same age... not bad if you can do it.

    When people say, yeah I used to do stupid shit. I think, yeah, I've been employed continuously since I was 12.

    Always an adult, never liked being a kid, but still a kid at heart. Figure that one out.

    • i've also been employed since i was 12 tho. but i still feel like a kid.

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    • Imagine him in high school...

      Him: {shaking fist at classmates} "Get off of my lawn!"

      Yeah, that's about how it is.

  • I definitely feel like shit is on me now and I better not fuck up ;). But otherwise I don't really feel differently from when I was a kid. I make some more impactful decisions and I have less of a safety net but that's about it.

  • sometimes, sometimes not. i still do a lot of stupid shit, but I realize a lot of people still do a lot of stupid shit, we're all human lol.

  • Yes, and then some. :-/

    • my dad is 55 but he says he still feels like he's 16.

    • Let him deal with my mother. That'll put some age on him. :-) She wanted my help in selling her old car Monday because she didn't know what she was doing (her words). But that didn't stop her from telling some woman she knew, without telling me, that she'd be willing to take less than 1/4th of KBB value for it. Then when a relative of of the woman shows up, he wants it for that price. I could get more out of it by scraping it at a junk yard. I told him no, I'd come back the next day, take pictures of it and put it on Craig's List and get at least 2/3's of KBB for it. It took an hour of haggling and putting up with "But she said she would sell it for the lower price!" and "She made an offer and I accepted it!" for me to finally get him up to a halfway point between the two figures. She's always asking for my help, then handcuffing me in these deals by doing her own unscripted "negotiations." If she's not going to follow even part of my advice, why bother asking for it?

    • Lol. That actually sounds like my mom.

  • No. I'm pretty sure even in my 40s, 50s I'm still gonna be joking around like a 21 year old.


    A very opinionated little shit who spreads his philosophies :D

  • Honestly, not really.

  • I feel pretty alpha.

  • Nope I'm 23 wtil living with my aunt and only making about 800 a month with no college training. and no direction. Really

    • why no direction?

    • Mostly excjese I live in Compton right now with my aunt becuaee its cheap. but it's dangerous out side people die all the time. But I only be living here for 1year so far.

      I want to be a writer. and illustrator. but I auck at drawing. And I'm rusty at writing but j can devople story's and charcter pretty easy.

      I wanna leave my aunts but I have no where to go. maybe the bus and motels and gyms for ahwoers and library and school and storage house I'll live between those places.

      Also I want to get a promotion at my part time theater job but I don't think I'm good at math so I'm scared of that.

      I don't get into relationship because of this because I have a inforrity complex.

    • you gotta grab the chances bro. don't let doubt ruin opportunities for you. i know what its like to live in a dangerous area. you gotta get out or it'll change you the wrong way. or you just become a victim. there's a way. you can get out. you just have to find it and take a leap of faith.

      section 8 housing or something simiar if you just move with a part time job. but it takes a long time to get it. they have school grants for low income people. the pell grant can get you mostly through an associates degree. all you have to do is fill out a FAFSA at the website.
      and then you dont really have to dedicate to a degree. you can just take 1 or 2 class. maybe an art class or writing class to get better at that.
      dont be scared. you just gotta try. if you fail you fail. then you can learn from the failure and try again or try something else. ^_^ and when possible you should see a therapist about that inferiority complex. :/ it takes time to find a good one but once you do they can help

  • Yeah, not really. I don't think you're an adult until you have a wife and kids. That will make you grow up fast.