Has anyone ever pinched themselves in a dream and woke up?

Pretty random but I've never heard this working and people only do it when they aren't dreaming.


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  • Not so much pinching myself as declaring that I didn't like the way the dream was going (usually something bad was about to happen) and basically stopping it then and there like a DVD. I usually wake up as a result.

    • I kinda had the same thing as that. I was falling for some reason and about to smash on the ground and i just like jumped up out of bed in the middle of the night scared shitless because i thought it was real for a split second.

    • If I ever trip and fall in a dream, I wake up with a start, every time.

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  • I've pinched a loaf in a dream and then woken up. Does that count?


      Did you wake up, worried you'd done it for real?

    • Yes I did! Immediately! Imagine my disappointment! Whenever I wake up in the morning and say "I slept like a baby,", my wife knows I messed myself! ; - )

  • no I don't have strength at that moment

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