Is it acceptable to keep things from your ex when moving on?

My ex and I broke up last month. He left some things that I have gotten rid of/plan on getting rid of, but other things like gifts, pictures, facebook/instagram pics, notes, etc. I would like to keep for a while. I honestly don't feel like going through my fb and insta deleting all of those pictures we took because for me, social media tells the story of my life and exhibits the chapters of my life, and my ex was a part of my life, and just because I keep pictures up on fb/instagram or keep gifts, doesn't mean that I'm not moving on, but some things just shouldn't go to waste. I don't see anything wrong with stashing the things that I want to keep away and keeping pictures on social media. What do you think I should do?


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  • Just keep it.


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  • I wouldn't keep any memories because I don't like clinging to past.

    I don't know that's me.

    The only time I would keep things/gifts is probably if it's a family member I am super close with or my husband.

    • Certain Large things that he left, I have gotten rid of, but some of the things are un-getridable if you know what I mean lol. About a couple of hours ago, I stashed away a few things.