Do YOU think life should be JUST be about happiness?


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  • No, since happiness is a contrast to opposing emotions like misery and sadness.

    You can't really feel the full effect of it until you experience an opposing emotional state.

    It's like working so hard for something you want, kind of making yourself miserable, and then achieving it. That's the ultimate happiness, and it couldn't really happen without the misery that was initially required to get there.

    To me life is about whatever we want it to be. We construct goals: career, family, whatever. You get happy working towards those goals, sometimes working towards the goal is even better than achieving the goal. There can be a sense of emptiness after achieving the goal until you find a new goal.

  • Life should not be about any single emotion, no
    but rather about finding, and staying true to yourself.

    If that life goal is achieved, one will be truly alive.

  • Yes but even that would get boring, seems like always need some kind of challenges