Why there are so many bitter women on here?

Whenever I post a question about something, They turn it about equality and start bashing me on what guys would do and stuff?

Is it because this site attracts whole lot of bitter women who really haven't talked to any single man all their life and they blaming men for it?

I have never women like this in real life lol Why are they soo funnier and relaxed in real life and filled with hate on here?


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  • They know most of the time, people won't put up with that bullshit in real life because most people aren't gender idealogues. So they save it for the internet where it's easier to move in packs and complain about phantom "soggy knees." Also easier to pull off a successful DARVO on the internet, and those are the MO of the gender idealogue.

    • Lol so this. They are far more relaxed and happy in real, Here they just rage out on everything and bring out the personality they really hiding in real life which is kinda sad

    • Yeah man. I took gender studies in college (I didn't know any better, needed the credit and it fit my schedule) and these people are absolutely terrifying when they get together in person, in a George Orwell kind of way.

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  • bitter not i. maybe you just click on the wrong questions all the time.

    • It's actually my questions they complaint on about how they aren't equal and how guys should treat them or what they would have done in that situation?

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    • Good we need more women like you who are same in real life and online lol they think they can finally rage out now since they can do it behind a keyboard

    • thanks :D

  • Lol I wouldn't consider myself bitter. There's a lot of those "feminists" or whatever. They are, in my opinion, kinda ridiculous...

  • I'm pretty sure the bitterness on this site is equal as far as gender goes.


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  • If you draw your opinions of the human race from people's personal horror accounts on this site, probably there will be plenty of fuel to spread the hatred both ways.

    • Yea but I can almost see all of them complaining about it. I've never met any woman like that in real life lol

  • they don't get enough of my dick.

    • its not that in real life they are not crazy they just have to pretend for society. in internet's anomimity they go lose.

    • People like you make me wish the downvote came back.

    • Probably because women I met in real life are far more relaxed and happy lol