How to change my life for the better?

info about me:
I'm fat as fuck
i have no energy
i spend all my time playing games and programming
I don't really talk to that many people
im shit at socialising
I'm basically the definition of a redditor so uh what do I do
not looking for "oh loose weight" and shit like how do I get myself to do that shit I'm just too fucking lazy to do that shit


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  • And you have a negative personality. ): Nope we could be twin! But I actually think postive. (:


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  • If you're too lazy, then suffer
    If you can't, no one will
    If you dont believe, you're out of luck
    If you're not willing to even try a little, we can't help you


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  • Well in order to change you're going to have to want to change. It seems you do not or else you would have used that as motivation.

    • I do it's just like I can't be fucked to do all this shit, guess it's down to my attitude

  • If ur lazy to exercise, then just eat a little better and walk a dog or something. Is there anything u like to do outside?

    • don't have a dog and no whenever I'm outside I think about playing games it's honestly sad as fuck

    • Change your mentality

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