Are you double jointed? If so where? And is it useful?

I have a double jointed thumb. It's pretty useless.


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  • All of my fingers are double jointed, which can be vaguely useful- I can basically lock the tips of all my fingers forwards, and use my nails in a fight for slashing and gouging, kind of like Wolverine. That three inches' extra reach can make a lot of difference...

    • ... especially if you're fighting against someone who's taller than you, who has a longer reach than you have. Since I'm 5'9", and on the lean side of athletic rather than the muscular side, most people who've tried to pick a fight with me have had the height and weight advantage; and using the 'tiger claw' technique, you can get the same reach with your hands as you can when launching kicks with your feet, allowing you to keep them at a distance.

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  • I have double jointed elbows and its not proven itself useful thus far...


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