Guys what would you think about a girl who doesn't want to get married but only wants a baby?

I sort of want to get married someday, but at the same time I sort of don't. I'm always going back and forth and sometimes I think that I just want to co-parent with someone and not be tied down. As females we go through so much pressure to get married and have a family by a certain age, but sometimes, I just don't know about marraige. I don't have any kids right now by the way.
(Girls may answer too)


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  • Gonna need that in writing and video cause i'll be damned if I get blindsided with child support.

    • You may still get fucked over.

    • @atomique
      Even with clear evidence? Damn, the courts can't be that corrupt

    • We're not talking about child support. We're talking about co-parenting. To me it's up to the guy if they want to be a father, I'll do my part but I can't force a guy to be there for his child. In the end, it's the child who will recent that.

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  • You should give your children a decent father and not just pick one at random. It's easiest if you're in the same household and better if you're living peaceably.

    • No, I wouldn't choose just anybody. I'm talking about being in a long term committed relationship. Sometimes I think that I would be a better co-parent/girlfriend than wife because of the stress and arguing a marriage can bring

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    • It's inevitable to have some issues, but studying healthy communication and learning how to handle conflict would go a long way.

    • I know it's inevitable to have some issues in any relationship, but like I said, if marriage isn't for me, then I shouldn't get married. I can't be a good mother if I'm not true to myself.

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