Why would all these smart people hang around him?

Doctors in the making and what not hanging around this boy whose doing marketing? Not that there's anything wrong with marketing, but doctor... marketing... very very big difference in level of study involved.


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  • Because they aren't that shallow.

    • I'm not studying to be a doctor and even I get irritated by his constant, 'party/music, party/music,' kind of attitude

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    • Ha ha hey don't look down on people to the extent that you laugh them off.

      I am also doing business, (finance), am I someone to be 'laughed at,' too?

      I think whatever it is that you are pursuing, even if you choose not to go to University at all and do something like acting, it's okay, but be honest to it. Dont' mess around and only think of having fun.

      I went through a bad phase in University because I hated what I was studying, but sobered up when I realized that my depression can be cured, and what I'm studying will benefit me so much in the long-term. Not everyone has come to that realization yet would be my guess, (this boy included)

    • Lol I'm not talking about laughing them off in a dismissive way for having easier majors. More like, laugh off the fact that I can't go party every other night because I got stuff to do. If I had majored in communications or anything ending in "studies" I probably would have partied a lot more.

      It seems like you're particularly preoccupied with this one guy. (I remember a post I saw yesterday that was extremely similar - may not have been you.) It sounds like you're kinda into him, and want some of his attention. May be way off, but I'm not sure why it bothers you so much.

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