I found a strangers hair in my food, should I continue eating it?

I would usually stop and complain, but the problem is that I got a huge plate of noodles from a restaurant through a delivery service. I don't even know where the restaurant is or who I would complain to. Its already been a day since I ordered it anyway. I know its not my hair because it was about a 3 inch strand of black hair. My boyfriend and I have blonde hair. I also found another hair on the plate but it was blonde so i assumed it was mine. My boyfriend said he found no hairs in his. Should I eat the rest?

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  • I recommend you eat the hair and throw away the noodles!


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  • It's strange you dont know who you ordered it from lol.

    • Well I do know the name, I've just never been there before.

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    • No, like I said I ordered from a delivery service who picks up food from real restaurants. It was traditional German food.

    • You should complain? And take a picture of it too.

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  • I don't think you should eat it and maybe complain about it because you don't know the person who did it and their hair might not be so clean


What Girls Said 1

  • A hair is not enough to contaminate your food unless it was from a filthy person who hasn't washed in years wich I dont think is the case and not even but anyways call the restaurant back and explain what happened