Which is the legal term held to answer a letter of complaint in the U. K?


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  • What exactly do you mean?

    • Ok, this will be easier if I write what happened.
      We ordered some clothes from a site that's from the U. K but we haven't recieved what we ordered.
      Mom wrote a letter of complaint to them and the robot sent a message that we will recieve an answer in 1-3 days, but the term can get longer if they are busier.
      So, legally, how much time do they have to answer to our letter?

    • You need to speak with the industry's Ombudsmen. Usually these people can take anything up to three months before you can register an official complaint.

      I have had similar issues, what I would do is get on social media of you can and be very annoyed and public about their lack of response. Twitter and Facebook. If the company is on there be real public and loud. Often the best way to get someone to reply, I have also spammed the hell out of their inboxes with subject title written in capitals: WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME?

      Copy and paste about fifty emails and they seem to get annoyed and answer you, but social media is the best option really.

      What you need to know are your consumer rights. What used to be the Distance Selling Regulations are now the Consumer Rights act:

      https://www. which. co. uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act

      I can't post links yet so remove the spaces

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • The document you refer to is known in the legal arena as a "Hooly-Hooly".

  • i really tried looking it up on Google but I couldn't get any specific information.

    • I did that too at first and because I couldn't find an answer my mind came with the idea of asking it here. 😂

  • I wouldn't think there is a legal amount of time for a company to answer a complaint.

    • In Romania it's 30 days.
      And found it already that it's the same in the U. K. too.

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