Should I drop the fact that my guy friend bought me movie tickets?

So I haven't talked to him for a while cos after highschool we just went our own ways. But recently we started chatting again on facebook and we decided to go to the movies. At first he first suggested that I buy mine online since it will probably get sold quickly, but then he instantly said to ignore that text. Afterwards he told me that he baught me my ticket. And I thanked him, and asked him how much were the tickets. Like I'm not bothered that he baught it for me, but at the same time, I'm not used to people buying things for me so I was thinking of paying him back. except when I asked how much was it, he ignored that text, instead talking about something else. Should I just drop it?

like when we meet and he gives me my ticket, should I ask him how much do I have to pay back?


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  • Just let it go, he was nice and don't want to make him feel inferior.

  • Just drop it. Maybe he got them really cheap and wouldn't want you to see him in that light. You know they often say , its the thought that counts. If he wants to do something good for you then let him.

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