Detroit Diesel Subaru's?

Ok, I have to ask this. My being into trucks and engines so much, I have always laughed at this. So the subaru's like the wrx sound has a very awesome sound. When I first heard one I thought it was a big 8v92 powered truck or something like that. Or 8v71 powered. Everyone I've asked this to doesn't seem to know what those truck engines sound like though. Some of the most common places youd hear them today are, buses, firetrucks, semi trucks, classic semi trucks, drump trucks, and crane trucks. So may have herd these engines before. But in your opinion, do you think that these cars can sound like big trucks?

Here are a few links so you can compare. I put 2 trucks since the subaru's are manual shift like the Peterbilt is, unlike the 1994 pierce pumper:

P. S: A funny story is one day I was outside with one of my co-workers at the school I work at. One of the kids there drives a Subaru with that sound, and a lot of the fire trucks around that area also sound the same. Some of the semi trucks and other trucks around do also. So we hear the sound of it and though it was a big truck coming down the road, but the all of a sudden appears a little Subaru. We laughed pretty hard after that.


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  • I guess there is some similarity but that is simply because of the unequal length headers subaru used on their old engines. The new wrx's have equal length headers and they sound a lot smoother. Still that boxer sound but that rumble that you are probably seeing as what makes them sound alike is almost completely gone.

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