If your date/significant other had a superpower, and showed it to you, what would you do? How would you react?

So, in this hypothetical scenario, let's say that either your significant other if you're currently in a relationship, or someone who you'd just started dating if you're currently single, revealed that he/she was a telekinetic, and proved it by levitating a glass off the table in front of you (and proceeding to levitate anything and anyone else lighter than him/herself if you aren't convinced with the original demonstration, until you're satisified that there's no way he/she could possibly be faking it).

What would you do next? How would you react to the revelation- would you be bewildered, intrigued, hysterical, intimidated, frightened or indifferent? And how would it change your perception of that person- would he/she become more attractive or less attractive in your eyes? Would you perceive this secret superpower to be 'hot', or 'not'?


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  • I would find it to be super cool! And then I would probably have him test the limits of what his power can and can't do.


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