Guys, So is it good if your guy friend wants to talk to you every day?

Don't get me wrong; I love talking to him every day especially since he's my best friend/ #1 bro but I have the fear of being annoying. When I tell him I figured I would give him space, he always says "It's all good, no need to be a stranger.


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  • Objectively, no, there's nothing wrong with talking to someone all the time. As long as both parties are clear with each other.
    If you were annoying, he would either tell you, or maybe he wouldn't talk to you as often as he already does.
    There's always a chance he secretly likes you, and then there's the chance he's just genuinely a good person and loves your company.
    So, based on what you've said, I'd say there's no problem unless he's hiding feelings from you or something.
    I'm not a mind reader-- every person is unique!:)

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