I dont know what to get my girlfriend for Valentine's, should I ask her to guess what I got her and get the first thing she guesses?

Should I do that or will it ruin the surprise? I really dont know what to get her, she has everything. She is into gaming and thinks that perfumes are boring, doesn't wear much jewelry, thinks that flowers are useless and I can't shop clothes for her because I have no idea what size she wears.

She already has every good game that has been released for her console. I am stuck guys.


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  • What about making her a nice breakfast or dinner? Or some of these look pretty cool for a tech lady www.buzzfeed.com/.../be-cooler-than-cool

    • Its a long distance thing :(

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    • Ohhh... Hmm my suggestion would be to like organize a dinner date over Skype or whatever then. Like agree to eat the same thing and then make or order it together then watch a movie together.

      You could even still order a stuffed animal or like little plant or something from amazon and send it to her.

    • There was a bracelet that doubled as a charger for like 12 bucks. I doubt she'd mind that.

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  • Just get her something she would really enjoy and something thoughful