Does someone harbour a crush on me?

He's sort of shy around me, (which is really not consistent with his actual personality), like he'll sort of look at me shyly from the corner of his eye, laugh if I've laughed stuff like that.

Today he mentioned he was the sweetest to me out of all the other girls (aw).

I feel like he does like me, and I'm not sure what to do. I'm a little bit older, and while I'm not sure how I feel about him, I don't want to break his heart either.


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  • Oh yeah, he definitely likes you. Why not get to know him? Your age shouldn't really be an issue when your're approaching that your 30s. I mean when it comes to that whole maturity factor 6th grader dating 9th or freshman dating senior is kinda questionable, but the age gap really lessens after high school in my opinion. It's really up to you though, you're almost twice as old as I am XD.

    • NO I AM NOT lol I'm only 23!!! I think the age over here I might have set it up wrong for some reason.

    • Oh oops, you're only 1.2333333333333... times older than me. I still think the age-gap rule doesn't apply at your age :P

    • That's more like it! :)

      Ha ha yeah he's literally 2 months (not even) younger than me, which is nothing

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