Do you read Yelp reviews before trying out a new business?


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  • Not always, usually just for take out. The reviews have to be pretty consistently bad for me to be persuaded against a place.

    Case and point to why Yelpers suck- The best burger joint in my city and best burger I've ever had has lots of one star ratings by idiots who are new to the city and expect to have their ass kissed by any and everyone.

    The burger joint is a dive bar with a punk rock type metal background that has been famous since the 80's for its burgers and overall scene. Simply legendary.

    All the windows used to be blacked out and it is designed as a cave with rock walls. They play cult classic movies on Sunday's and the Simpsons. They have a pinball machine, two pool tables and an awesome jukebox. They carry high end hard to find beers as well as cheapest of the cheap, they make bad ass spicy as hell Bloody Mary's. But the staff is notoriously rude if you are an outsider, or at least used to be. They didn't like tourists or yuppies and made it know. Even if you were a regular but not part of a sub-scene they treated you 'okay'.

    But no matter. It was a sanctuary that had simply everything most people would ask for in a dive bar... Then it was featured on Diners, drive-ins and dives which brought in yuppies and tourists. They would one star the place because the drink girl didn't come around enough, because it was dark, because a movie was playing or because it took too long to get a burger.

    It's a world famous bar amongst musicians and when musicians come to town they wait three hours sometimes for a burger. The burgers are that fucking good.

    This is common amongst Yelpers and I freakin love the South Park episode that parodies this.

    Yelp, like so many other rating based companies, is filled with unimportant losers who like to yield their star power as some kind of weapon to demand respect or service that isn't appropriate for any given restaurant. This makes most of the reviews moot.

    I don't go to a dive bar expecting service that mirrors the likes of a 3 star Michelin. The people that do are utterly pathetic and can be found in mass on Yelp.

    Further, now that my place has been overrun by hipsters and tourists they have changed ownership and are more friendly and let some light in from the top windows. The only people that get bad service now being it onto themselves.


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  • No, not at all. Some people are extremely picky and hard to please. People like that will always leave a nasty review. Same thing with rotten tomatoes and their reviews on movies. I don't listen to it.
    I'd rather experience it for myself.

    • Exactly. I mean the things these people bitch about are frivolous. Now if they talk about the quality of the food in the review I may take note of it but only if a dozen other people also said the same thing and the quality doesn't match the price.

      But down of these people basically bitch because the waiter didn't pull their chair out for them at a $10 a plate restaurant.

      If a $10 plate place has amazing food and horrible service guess what, I'm happy as a clam. People bitch about the hands down best Pho restaurant in my city on Yelp because of service. It is always packed and cheap as hell. It is simply amazing Pho and even the one star people keep going back.

      I want to tell them to get a life and be glad they are let in at all because if I was running the place it would be, "no soup for you".

    • @sjoes006 Yes... I absolutely dislike people like that. Often times they are the same people who are rude to the employees.

  • I have yes, I tend to just read all reviews most of which are yelp


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  • Yes, kept me from hiring some shady moving companies.

    • That's a little different but fair. Your insurance policy in most cases will only cover 10% of your personal property limit for items in transit. In college a friend's rich parents hired a moving company to tow her apartment and car back to her state while she took a plane. The items including the car were never seen again.

      Further, a lot of these guys aren't bonded or insured. A proper moving company needs a Bailee policy that covers the total dollar amount of items loaded into their truck. It's an inland marine product that needs to have a property limit of at least $500,000.

      You know you have a good mover if they won't move your piano.

  • Nope normal recommendation works fine.