Why am I unhappy?

I'm in the beginning of my 13th weeks of pregnancy, I feel king of sad and lonely, my parent's work is a busy one, I barely see them on Christmas, so i end always in boarding schools.
I feel sad whenever I go for my checkup, all pregnant woman are accompanied by someone looking all happy and excited, that's true I love the baby and it's also my responsability for not being careful, the baby is a part from me, but it feels so lonely, and sad, I even doubt I can be a good example for that baby or a good mother, I feel depressed and mostly I try hard to keep up between school and my daily life.
My mother when last I spoke to her over the phone was when I discovered I'm pregnant 10 weeks ago, she stopped talking to me and said i'm no longer her daughter, my father I can't tell he's not mad, but i won't except a happy face when i'll see him this summer, but he keeps asking about me and helping me in every single thing that I need.
my ex boyfriend, the father of the baby who was a complet jerk, he's almost 6 years older than me, he just break up with me right after sleeping with me, and he's going to be a doctor, it happened we met after, I didn't want to tell him, but then few days ago, it happened that I told him, he said to abort, and he doesn't want to do anything with "that thing" this how he called our baby, I didn't ask him to get back with me since I'm done with him for several reasons but I wanted at least when the baby will be born can meet his father.
It feels so lonely, and sad it's turning me crazy, in other hand there is school that i'm trying to keep up with it, so they can't notice my pregnancy but sooner or later they'll notice and i hope they won't withdraw me.


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  • I think there's an innate programming in women to kind of seek men when they're with child. I see this kind of aggressive seeking in the single mothers who are my friends.

    But loneliness in some basic form will cease to be an issue once you have the child. They'll keep you company to the point where you might want some time to be alone, loneliness will cease to become the problem then.

    The challenge for a single mother, I think, is love. Their love lives can be a bit of a train-wreck, reaching out desperately for men and often finding jerks who care little for them, their child, or both. It's something I've seen in all sorts of single mothers, including my own mother after divorce.

    My wife and I are incapable of having children so we kind of have this unofficial service of babysitting the children of our single parents for free while they do things like go on dates, job interviews, etc, so we've come to know a lot of single parents really well through the process.

    It's difficult but it'll become easier once you have the child, and then my main advise is to be careful with your choice of men. It's easy to settle for the first man you find with this kind of desire to have a man in your life, and the challenge of a single mother often seems to be the time to just feel like an ordinary woman. But that's something for later.

    Since the male wants no part of this child, it might be helpful to really try to make some friends, get a support group. Don't miss out on opportunities to make some good friends and people who care about you.

    Hopefully your parents come around at some point, realizing that distancing themselves from you is missing out on time with their grandchildren. Usually even the most stubborn parents will come around at some point. My father said he disowned me when I got married, only to then miss out on the wedding and then try really hard to reconnect with me later.

    • thank you a lot for telling me that.
      it has been ages since i saw my parents they don't live with me or in the same country at least.
      what I'm looking for now, isn't a man, because I have already a lot on my hands pregnancy and what comes with it, school and trying to cop with other things, there are guys proposing me for date, but i keep declining what I really wish and needs is my parents to be around, and bunches of friends that who will support me.

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    • With school you're already in a very social environment. Maybe you can start off making an excuse like asking a girl to study together, then get to know each other that way. It only takes one close friend to start building more.

    • With some luck and effort you might even be able to make some friends close enough to be there when you give birth. But you have to reach out to do it.

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  • Ow sweetie, the only boundaries is you,
    1- if you want to revenge from him be so successful in ur life, move on, work, study, do business, do hobbies, serve humanity,
    2-100% he will come back & check what he did, if u lost that's will please his ego, if u strong he will lost guys love strong woman
    3- People always leave learn how to survive,
    4-If you are at your lowest remember there's no way to go than up" "All you have is Now"
    5-marry him for your kid if it's possible, give it a try, then move on
    if you need someone to talk to I'm always here : )

    • thank you so much

      I'm managing my studies and my grade are greats and can allow me get into in the university of my choice, I don't want him to comeback since all he has been good to he is good for troubles and being a perfect asshole, i'm still young to think about getting married, since i'm only 17, I don't even want to date or to have a boyfriend, with my hands so full, thank you a lot and yes i would like to talk to you

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