What would you do if this happened to you and your child?

Has anyone here heard of class dojo? If you have do you use it? Do you like it or hate it? If you dont know what it is its a app that teachers use for to monitor your childs behavior in school. They can give the child points or take them away for certain things for example Tommy lost a point for being of task or Sherry earned a point for working hard etc... Well I personally hate the dojo. My sons teacher uses it and now all my son worries about is class dojo points he can't concentrate on his work and he gets so frustrated he comes home and tells me all the time I try so hard mom and no matter what I still get in trouble. Now with that said this tool that the teacher uses is displayed on a white board in front of the class so when a child gains or loses a point everyone in the class sees they are being publically humiliated/judged/shamed in their class. And when they earn or lose points it makes a dinging noise so the kids all look to see who got in trouble or who earned a point. I had a few concerns like each day they are graded on behavior out of 100% for the day which turns into an overall grade at the end of the week. I dont understand how a child can earn 3 points and get 1 point taken away and be at a 75% so I asked the principal in a email and I also told her that my son is no longer concerned about his school work he is to worried about the class dojo. I also told her he tells me all the time he trys so hard but not matter what he gets in trouble. She forwarded my email to the teacher and the teacher contacted me I thought everything was fine after all all I did was have a few questions and concerns. Well then my son came home who is 8 and told me that the teacher called him to her desk and asked him Why do you go home and tell your mom that you try so hard and you always get in trouble? Then proceeded to tell him you know it is your responsibility to be good in school. didn't give him a chance to answer the question. Am I worng here?

She should have never involved an 8 year old into and adult situation. Why is she confronting him? I feel like she just repremaded my child for something i did. Why is she asking him what he tells me? What is she hiding or doing that she dosent want me to know about. Why is she questioning my childs feelings? Is she wrong? What do y'all think?


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  • Sounds like the kind of teacher who wants the boys to act like the girls, and if they can't, try to get them loaded them up on ritalin or whatever equivalent.

    I'm a teacher too, and it doesn't work that way. Boys and girls, amazingly enough, behave differently, particularly when they're younger. If your son's teacher doesn't get that, she has no business being a teacher. Do you know if she's doing the same thing with any of the other boys in class?

    And there are circumstances under which public pressure can be helpful, but those are generally when it's positive reinforcement you're after, not humiliation. She also has no business jumping on your son like that about a concern you raised.

    A "come to Jesus" with this teacher might be in order - only a few months left in the school year, and you'll both be rid of her.

    • I dont know if she has done it to any other student, My son says the certain things he gets in trouble for other kids dont. I thought everything was fine yesterday. The teacher emailed me I emailed her back we were on good terms I didn't really have a problem with her until now. I am going straight to the principal because I know how she is now and I know what is going to happen she is going to say that's not what happened. I know for sure thats what happened because when my son comes home and repeats the part of my email word for word I have a problem. She was mad at me because I called her out on her bs to her boss so she took it out on my child and thats wrong.

    • She seems to have a beef with your kid in particular for some reason. Would he be ok with switching classes for the last few months? Preferably to a teacher who is not really good friends with the current one?

  • I didn't know about it.

    Some parents must love it, it's a bit like peeping in the classroom, through the eyes of the teacher, but without the images.

    I wouldn't have liked it for my son.

    • Its a way to micromanage our children. I send my child to school to learn not to get told every little thing he does wrong. I would have hated this when I was in school. My child is not perfect he is going to talk he is going to be an 8 year old boy not a robot

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    • They sell remote controlled electric colliers for dogs : www.google.com/search

      The trainer can give the dog a shock , to dressage it into 'good dog behavior'.

      I bet many parents would love to use it on their kids.

    • My thoughts exactly. Could you imagine if bosses had an app like this to monitor their employees how many people would be fired on a daily bases. Oh Johnny went to the bathroom 6 times in 4 hours. Oh Sarah got another drink of water. Ridiculous if you ask me.

  • But doesn't that mean that he will be worried about his behavior in class (in a good way) ?

    • No its not in a good way.

    • This teacher can take off points because of how she feels and what she thinks is right or wrong. Perfect example my son who is in 2nd grade grabbed what he thought was his homework folder and it turned out to be the another kids so he gave it to the other kid and the teacher took points off for being off task didn't ask what he was doing or why or anything just took points off

    • Establish your own reward system in your house and make your kid interested in it. Tell him to not care about that teacher's reward system.

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