How can you get in touch again?

with someone you stopped communicating for 7 mos but that person is not mad at you or angry, simply you both stop communicating with each other due to a particular situation you and the other person had, even if the other person may not sound so interested in you, still you want to begin like getting in touch with taht person again, because you know the other person is not really mad at you or hold any grudges but you lets say want to like talk to him again, normally like you both did 7 mos ago but you dont know how to do it now as to the particular situation that took place 7 mos ago, changed the way you now sees that person, because you dont want the other person to feel or thiink you are itoo nterested in him/her or chasing them, that is not your intention you just want to try for things to go back as before if possible.


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  • Start with hi

    • The guy and I even went out on a first date one month after we met for the first time. At the date we made out and hug very nicely, but something I dont know why or if it ever happened, after the guy took a trip to Europe and while he was in Europe the guy sent me this all of out blue text with no explanation, telling me that Whatever we have or it was is not going to work, that he is sorry and he hoped Im ok. He never explained that text. He sent me that text two days after I sent him a text but it was a normal text like the ones I use to sent him. I dont know if he thought I was coming too strong or too interesed or chase him and he did not like that, so he sent me that while he was in Europe. Let me say that he never mentioned me he was going to this trip, I found out from other souces while he was already there.

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    • We even made plans to go out on a second date but of course the trip came and it never took place at all. That is why I stopped talking to him for 7 mos as I respected his text he sent me 7 mos ago, he neither communicated with me and I did not communicate with him either. But then for holidays last year I decided to give it a try and I said to myself. I will try and text the guy just to see if he responds or not. So I texted him for Christmas and he responded me. He told me "Hello xxx, So good to hear from you" I wish you as weel Merry Christmas and the best of the best, thank you very much" .

      Then I texted him again for New Years and he agan texted me back and told me and told me he wishes me God keep me well, and thanks for remembering it, then I asked him about his job in order to change subjects and he answered me briefly and told me Thanks for writing. On those texts he did not bring the subject of the odd text he sent me, he may had even forgotten about it and I did not bring

    • either as it was not the right time to address that anyway so I did not mention anything either. caus eit was 7 mos ago.

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