Garden Experts I need help identifying this worm?

What the is this wormmm? Someone tell me pleasee. Is it a pest?Garden Experts I need help identifying this worm??


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  • First we would have to know your location to properly identify that worm since there's probably about 8 billion different types that look like that. However it's probably a pretty safe bet to assume that it is a pest and probably lives off of eating leaves or roots and not other pests.

    • USA, California :0

    • Oh well then it's gotta be one of those Africanized killer worms. Careful they spread toe jam and cause painful nipple erections. If it lasts more than four hours consult a sexy gardner.

    • :s I don't even know what you mean by sexy gardner or nipple erections..

  • Looks almost like a Ceti eel larva I think. Keep it away from your ears!

    • I'm pretty sure no one here will get this reference, but I just couldn't resist.

    • *slow clap* NICE lmao I give you props. Seriously though I need... to know what this thing is xD

  • damn. an alien pest haha

    • Doesn't help me ;D;

    • ı know it is possible to find them everywhere in Australia. maybe tihis site help becuo. com

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