What is the scariest/creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

What is the scariest or creepiest thing that has ever happened to you? Whether it be paranormal (demon, ghost etc...) or human encounter (stalker, rapist, burglars etc...)

mine me would have to be when I was a little kid maybe 5 years old and I was staying the night at my uncle and aunts house and a fucked up voice was in my ear trying to get me to vow to kill my mom, I didn't know what a vow was at the time and I asked the voice, it told me it was a promise that couldn't be broken this went on for hours late at night and I was horrified in the spare bedroom by myself pleading with this thing begging it to go away and that i would never agree. Eventually I went into the couch outside my uncles room and cried until he woke up to come see what was wrong. Being a child and not understanding that things like this shouldn't be said out loud and how creepy it actually was I told him what was going on and his face went pale he still comforted me and talked to me until I fell asleep after that night it went away with some blessings and prayer and never has returned but it was a terrifying experience.

creepiest thing that ever happened was last year when my little sister had a stalker she isn't even 18 and some grown ass man was messaging her daily and saying creepy things, well some how he got her address and was sitting outside my parents house when only she was home knowing that the police wouldn't do anything besides take him away and maybe give him a small ticket she called us, her 4 older brothers one is an ex marine, one has done time for beating a guy with a bat that touched his wife, me I've always been a fighter I stand 6' 4" and weigh 190 and have never lost a one on one brawl and my littlest brother who is the most tame but is still huge and never Avoids conflict. Well we told her to go the garage and get in her car and start driving to an area that we know no one is at, out in the middle of no where. We stay on the phone with he


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  • The creepiest thing was probably last semester, I was waiting at a bus stop to get to the other side of campus. This man was standing across the street at the other bus stop looking at me. He decides to cross the street and come over to me. He claims that we was communicating with me telepathically. And then said he believed I was an angel but he got sad becsuse I wasn't showing him my wings. Later said his name was Kevin from heaven.
    The next morning I saw him in front of my house Hahaha. He freaked me out.

  • I once went to Dark bedroom sooo The music played ON with itself ⏯
    I once was in California walking saw shadows Then my sister told me the house was haunted

    They can't scare me,, 😎


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