As you've all heard the detection of gravitational waves have been comfirmed! Are you excited about it?

They've been searching for so long and finally they've found them, it's so exciting!

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  • Yeah but I didn't even know what they were until today
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  • Whatever, I heard about it but don't even know what they are
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  • No, I was hoping Einstein would finally be proven wrong!
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  • Umm. I honestly have nvr heard of those before. What does it mean now that they've been detected?

    • Well it's the final proof of einstein's theory. And we can use them to learn a lot more about black holes, supernovas etc.

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    • They haven't actually found it though, it's still not certain if it exists.

      I don't really care too much what's going on in the world. I never even open the curtain, there could be an apocalypse without me knowing :P I like feeling shut off from the world

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yah, Eintein predicted these waves and I wasn't too surprised by the discovery of these waves. Intuitively, gravitational radiation makes sense. Not my area of expertise, but certainly helps with the observation of black holes, which are a total mystery.

    • EinStein , can't believe I mis-spelt his name :<

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    • Our sources of information must be different.

      At any rate, this discovery could, perhaps, help verify the existence of dark matter and better yet, help us describe it.

    • Yeah that would be great

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  • Yes, I was very excited. I'm very much into Astronomy and Astrophysics. I can't say I understand everything but it's been one of my biggest hobbies since I was 5 or 6 years old.
    However, a little correction about Einstein: Einstein did say that gravitational waves must exist but he also believed that they are too small to ever be detected. So in some sense, he was also wrong (not that I would hold this against him, I'm just saying). Also, his theories have been proven long time ago. In fact, there are practical, every-day life proofs for the theory of relativity. Probably the best example is GPS. If Einstein was wrong, GPS wouldn't work. So it's not like the detection of gravitational waves was THE proof of Einstein's theories, it was more like one of the last building blocks.
    But at any rate, the discovery is really cool. I'm very excited about new discoveries related to this. The scientists want to use the waves particularly to look back and understand how our universe was created. Perhaps this will finally help us explain if the big bang was really how it all started or if it happened another way (and by that I don't mean "god", I mean there are other scientific ideas out there ;-))

    • Yeah I guess Einstein didn't believe in human technology as much as he believed in the actual theory :P I know Einstein's theory has already been proven, but it was his last prediction to be proven. And if there wasn't gravitational waves it would mean something wasn't quite right with it

  • Yup. A Major breakthrough!! Kudos to Einstein.

    • Yeah seems that guy was right about everything

  • I'm very excited. I can't wait to hear of (or even experience) some of the leaps and bounds of technological advancement that is certain to come in the future.

  • I think its bullshit from the standpoint. They have been able to engineer the fabric of space time since the the 40's or earlier. people like Gabriel khrone, nikola tesla talked about this physics long ago. Maxwels 4th equation points to it. But they have hidden this whole branch of physics for a long time. Gravity manipulation, temporal manipulation, Zero point energy, the Ether.

  • Physics is more fun when we find surprises.

    • Yeah but that would set science back a lot

    • That's how science works. It's not a straight line accumulation. We work with a model till it breaks down and can't explain something and then we try to come up with a better one.

    • Yeah but it's better for science if it doesn't break down and tell us everything we knew was wrong